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 Today's supply chain needs to be stronger and more efficent than ever. Having industry's top talent on your team is a must! Let skilled people know you are looking for them by placing ads and links on this site! We have packages for every budget. We offer single listings to direct links and complete page formats! Contact us today! 



The material handling industry has evolved quickly over a short period of time. It is a much leaner, more efficient machine. Managers need to be constantly watching for ways to trim time and costs in their operations. This means better training for emplyees. It requires up to date programs backed by a skilled and dedicated management team. Let them know what you have to offer. Give your company the leading edge through visability. If you offer supply chain support, tools & equipment, programs, staffing solutions, training or any other related products you need to contact us today! We will make sure they know who you are.



Today's Supply Chain is a global industry. It takes air cargo, rail freight, nautical shipping lanes, over the road long haul, local delivery, emergency freight firms, massive shipping hubs, and millions of people to get the job done. Show everyone you are involved. Show everyone you are motivated. Show everyone you are what they need! Advertise with Earthworks!

Each and every item consumers pick up at the market has a long story. For every nut, bolt, radio, apple, hat, shoe and laptop has been involved in the biggest business in the world. Millions of people around our planet work hard around the clock to make sure products get delivered on time and without damage. For the process to work it takes a dedicated team of professionals to keep things moving swiftly. An old man told me when I was just a boy that "Truckin is a great business because this world is full of stuff that ain't where its supposed to be." I thought it was funny when I was young. He was right though.

  It isn't just trucking. The freight industry employs millions of drivers. There are so many people working for every truck load on the road. There are people working for every Cargo Jet that takes to the sky. There are teams of people keeping the shipping lanes going. There are men and women all across our great land keeping the rail lines moving. It takes teams of trainers to make sure they do it in safety. It takes buildings full of managers and coordinators to keep it all rolling along well. The planning and hard work come together to make our economic engine keep driving. The Logistics & Supply Chain Industry may just be the most important tool this nation has. The men and women keep life flowing for millions of people that never take a minute to think about the story behind the products on the shelf. At Earthworks our hats are off to these tremendous folks. My father was a truck driver. I was a truck driver. Now I am proud to still be a strong link in this chain. I work in a busy shipping department. I train great people every day to operate equipment in a safe manner. I also work for the newest on line logistics web site in the world. Next time you see a truck on the road remember the team that put it there.      

Collin Palmer Logistics Specialist.

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