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Hello. We are the Palmer's. We operate our business from our home and shop in Ridgetown, Ontario. We would like to thank you for visiting our site. Our business is built around our Old Fashioned Traditional Christian Beliefs. You see, we believe that we are called upon to live very modest lives. We keep life simple and try to be self sufficient where possible. This type of lifestyle requires equipment that is dependable and unique to our requirements. 

In addition to Our Split-Fire line of top quality log splitters and wood chippers we are also proud to offer our customers the Yukon line of furnaces to keep your home warm during the long winter months here in Canada. We are also proud of our hand made garden tools. We are always looking for unique products to offer our customers but pride ourselves in our equipment restoration service. Some old machines from days gone by are built to last for generations with a little TLC. We have helped many of our customers restore pumps, farm equipment and other machines that have been used on their homesteads for generations. 

The girls also bring their skills to our customers with their hand made accessories and fashions. Check out our Yarn & Thread page to see a sample of some of their delightful crafts. They are not able to show you everything they make here so click on their links to go straight to their facebook pages! 

In a world that seems to be driven by high tech gadgets and ultra busy schedules our lifestyle seems to be quite outdated. However, Living modestly allows us to embrace skills from days gone past. We do not offer GPS or Automated machines. We spend our time working the old fashioned way. Tending our gardens, canning, making bread, homeschooling our kids, building equipment and doing repairs. 

Our way of life is not for everyone! There is a growing number of families that want to get back to living by the basics. We are here to help you do that. If you are looking for tools and equipment both new and used we can help. If you have a passion for owning items that are 100% Canadian we share your joy. From our small homestead we try very hard to shop from our local vendors. We encourage you to do the same. The relationships you create are worth far more than saving a few dollars at the local big box mega store.

What are your favorite local vendors offering? We want to hear from you. Send me an e-mail at or give me a call at 519-365-8899. 

We operate our business six days a week. We keep Sunday for God and Family. 

I would be more than happy to answer your questions through the rest of the week. Thank You & God Bless!



Do you want home heat options? You are now able to purchase a high quality dual fuel furnace in Canada! The Yukon line of forced air furnaces offer the homeowner Wood/Coal and Gas , Wood/Coal and Propane, Wood/Coal and Oil or a Wood/Coal Furnace that is able to stand alone or be matched up with your existing furnace. The Yukon Furnace is able to fit your home central air cooling system. For more information click on the Yukon Eagle Logo. 

Palmer's is a certified Split-Fire Dealer. We offer top quality splitters and chippers to all of Canada. Give us a Call today for Prices and Specs! 519-365-8899

For Super Service and Yukon Eagle Wood Fired Furnaces Contact Tom and Matt at Ward Heating Products. Call them at 1-800-265-4484. E-Mail them at or Click on the Logo to go straight to their Site!

Kearney Planters, located in the heart of Ontario's farm belt. When it comes to Strip-tillage, Planting and Harvest time, The folks at Kearny Planters have everything you will need. From classic traditional planters like the John Deere 7000 to today's GPS Guided Kinze 4900 you will get just what your farm requires. Stop by to talk about reconditioned cornheads or the New Innovative Drago Corn Heads. They are designed to fit all of today's Combines. Is Strip Tillage on your mind? Kearney's feature options from Dawn Tillage, Yetter, and Martin. 

 Kearny Planters a full service Agri shop. Both new and used inventory. Call them today at 519-678-3206 or click on the strip-till icon to link to the Kearney Planters web site.

Direct Delivery Service! I operate in South Western Ontario. Sarnia,Grand Bend, London,Woodstock, St.Thomas, Chatham-Kent, Windor-Essex and all points in between. I haul small equipment and parts for the Agri and Auto Industries. I do pick ups from Auction Sales and Building Supply Yards. Please Contact me at 519-365-8899. I offer evening and weekend runs as well. No U.S.A Runs.

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